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Hi! We're Khookey!

Khookey™ is a new, independent gaming studio driven to delight players with interactive experiences, meaningful stories, and passionately created worlds. 

What started as a family endeavor has grown into an amazing team of gaming industry professionals bonded by fun, friendship, and food.

With MagehunterChronicles - and any games beyond! - Khookey strives to provide sources of inspiration, excitement, and adventure around the world! 


Magehunter™ Chronicles: Secrets of the Soul Gems is a classically-inspired RPG that combines puzzle-like stealth, tasty turn-based combat, and dynamic quick time event gameplay in a modern take on the classic games we love. 

We’re in active development, growing our team, and looking forward to sharing more news soon. Stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter! Want to learn more? Check out the game at

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Honesty & Transparency

Celebrate Creativity 

Scrappy and Goal Focused

Flexible and Adaptable 

Dedicatedly Driven

Quirky Handcrafted Fun

Success Through Collaboration, Community, and Connection

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Richard Khoo

Design, Product, Operations

Richard started building gameplay experiences at 10 years old by tinkering with the Macintosh HyperCard program. A decade later, he became a Warcraft III modder known as “missing_tooltip” and created Skibi’s Castle TD. Since 2004, he has worked as a game designer or director at Blizzard, Riot, Wargaming, and Pocket Gems.

Favorite Game Series

  • Final Fantasy, Persona, Crafts, Metal Gear, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright

Favorite Foods

  • Hot Pot, Tacos, Breakfast Burritos

Favorite Soundtracks

  • Final Fantasy 6, Bravely Default, Persona 4, Chrono Trigger

Favorite Cartoon & Game Dogs

  • Ein, Seymour, Koromaru, Yamper

"My big head lets me wear all the hats."​

Annie Khoo

Art, Creative

Annie was inspired to pursue a career in video game art after playing Final Fantasy VII. She studied art at UCI and Gnomon then worked at Mammoth Vision as a 3D animator. After taking some time off to raise a family, she returns with the fighting spirit to make all the video game arts!

Favorite Games

  • Final Fantasy VII, Phoenix Wright, Odin’s Sphere, 999, Persona 4

Favorite Characters

  • Aeris, Mia F., Velvet, Teddie, Yusuke 

Favorite Foods

  • Spaghetti, Japanese Curry, Burgers

Favorite Cartoon & Game Dogs

  • Amaterasu, Isabelle, Missile, Slinky Dog, Buttons, (Too many to list)

"I'm the mastermind for Khookey! Will take credit even if it's not true ;)"


New Emoji Coming Soon!

Victor Nguyen

Tech, Design, Music

Victor has been an avid gamer since he was a child; growing up on a wide variety of games from Diablo 2, Final Fantasy VII, and Starcraft. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2016, he started working with Richard at Wargaming as a game designer. Since then, he has picked up programming and focused on building games for Khookey.

Favorite Games

  • Xenogears, Nier Automata, Bravely Default, Dark Souls 1-3

Favorite Foods

  • Udon, Lasagna, Pho

Favorite Game Dog

  • K. K. Slider

Favorite Soundtracks

  • Nier Automata, Bravely Default, Persona 5

"Are you a god?"


New Emoji Coming Soon!

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